Filed-down hammer

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“Hole” was a term used by the earliest whites to describe any valley that was closely framed by very high mountains. It was used by David Jackson, who essentially had his valley to himself, running his trap lines in the eighteen-twenties in the afternoon shadows of the Teton Range. Over time, bands of outlaws followed him, then cattlemen, and eventually homesteading farmers, whose¬†zakelijke energie fences invaded the rangeland, creating incendiary tension and setting the scene for the arrival of Shane, who came into the valley wearing no gun and “riding a lone trail out of a closed and guarded past.” A farmer offered him employment, and he accepted-earnest in his quest for a peaceful life. The farmer asked Shane almost nothing of his history but felt he could trust him and imagined a number of ways in which the man might be needed on the farm. Deep in the stranger’s saddle roll was an ivory-handled Colt revolver that came out of its holster with no apparent friction, had a filed-down hammer and no front sight, and would balance firmly on one extended finger. The farmer’s young son quite innocently discovered the gun one day, and hurried to his father. “Father, do you know what Shane has rolled up in his blankets?” “Probably a gun.” “But-how did you know? Have you seen it?” “No. That’s what he would have.” “Well, why doesn’t he ever carry it? Do you suppose maybe it’s because he doesn’t know how to use it very well?” “Son, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could take that gun and shoot the buttons off your shirt witl1 you a-wearing it and all you’d feel would be a breeze.” Shane, of course, was a zakelijke energie vergelijken fictional character, but the era he represented was a stratum of the region. In the opening words of the novel, by Jack Schaefer, “He rode into our valley in the summer of ’89.” He also glanced “over the valley to the mountains marching along the horizon.” The geography is vague, but Schaefer evidently had in mind a place beside the Bighorn Mountains.